Across form the US Capitol is the Thomas Jefferson Temple of Wisdom, Why is it the Temple of Wisdom? It contains more knowledge on paper than any other spot in the World.

118 million Books. 500 miles of shelf space. It is also the Home of the Goddess of Wisdom Minerva. She is also the Goddess of War. But we battle not against flesh and blood but against ignorance . Wisdom is in this Temple. It is the wisdom of Enlightenment. Let’s look at this marvelous Temple.

Visitors are Greeted by the God Neptune, he guards the Entrance to the Temple. He is God of the watery deep. Symbol of the unconscious mind. The Serpent of Wisdom coils at his feet.

There are “Thirty Three” Busts of the 33 Cultures that create Humanity carved into the exterior of the Temple.

Thirty Three is a Powerful Esoteric number.

Jesus was 33 years old when he ascended to Heaven.

There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

The are 33 steps to Ascend into the US Capitol Dome.

Three Main Roads Exit to the East from the Capitol. These roads mark the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. The interesting thing about the Library of Congress is that it was built in the sight line of the Winter Solstice. This is a clue. The Temple of Wisdom lies between us and the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is the  day that God’s Sun/Son is born into the World. The moral is this: To bear the Christ into your Life you must achieve a certain level of Wisdom. This Wisdom becomes a Temple in your own Mind. The Goddess Sophia as Minerva will come and dwell in that Temple and bring into the world The Son of God.

The Great Hall is an Architectural Marvel.

The important thing is the Floor, where a Giant Zodiac Greets the Initiate.

The Sun is the Center of the Universe and the Great Hall.


Photo Egypt on the Potomic Anthony T. Browder

Then there is the Main Reading Room. The Brain of the Temple.

Looking up in the Reading Room  reveals the Dome.

In the center of the Dome the Painting, Human Understanding.

12 Angels  surround Human Understanding.

Abraham Lincoln ponders American Science, which is rooted in Egypt and the Ankh, the Egyptian Symbol for Life. The painting is set up to the cardinal points, Egypt is in the East.

Another Zodiac  surrounds the central painting titled, Human Understanding.

John Flanagan’s clock, The Flight of Time, is Spectacular! The clock face is 4 feet in diameter. Father Time, Chronos, Saturn, is the central figure. He is surrounded by another Zodiac.

Author David Ovason mentions the mysterious Comet between Virgo and Leo.

Thomas Jefferson dedicated His Entire Library to start The Library of Congress. This was Jefferson’s Apple Computer! Books on Astronomy, Physics, Law , History, and the Occult.

The Pattern on the floor is incredible.

MINERVA Goddess of Wisdom

This is a Special Reading Room that is NOT accessible to the Public.

There are 7 Painted Panels on the ceiling,

corresponding to the colors of the Light Spectrum-

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

The Panels on the Ceiling (above) are designed as Mandalas, meditation tools for attuning the Chakras in the Human Body to their proper frequencies.

This room is below the Jefferson Library and in alignment with the Axis of the Winter Solstice Sun as it aligns with the US Capitol Dome. This has got to be one of the Greatest Meditation rooms in Washington D.C.

I would like to rename this room


Here are the 7 Panels.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7......all good children go to Heaven







The 7th Panel is the most incredible. The Initiate Dreams a Stairway to Heaven, riding on a Merkaba Light Vehicle. The Lambs Book of Life in hand. A Butterfly emerges from the top of his/her head. A Rainbow of 7 stars is in the Heavens. This is a Symbolic Painting of The Rainbow Body.

Here I show the 7 panels aligned and compared to the Human Mystic Anatomy.

This Special Meditation Room in the Library of Congress is a Pure Delight.

What a powerful statement to our forefather’s Esoteric Knowledge.

The Library of Congress holds many more secrets, but one thing is for sure it is a Temple of Wisdom.

Epigrams line the walls of Sophia’s Hallowed halls, here I list a few........

The Heaven’s declare the Glory of God; and

the firmament sheweth his handiwork.

The Light shineth in darkness, and the darkness

comprehendeth not.

All are but parts of one stupendous whole,

Whose body Nature is, and God the Soul.

Love and Art united

Are twin mysteries, different yet the same.

Order is Heaven’s first Law.

There is but one Temple in the Universe and that is the

Body of Man.

Nature is the Art of God.

The True Shekinah is Man.

One God, one Law, one Element,

And one far off divine event,

To which the whole creation moves.

The Library connects Wisdom, the Zodiac, and the Human Mystic Anatomy.

I hope if you visit Washington DC you will explore this amazing Temple.

The Painter of the Panels,  Carl Gutherz  penned a letter to a friend and said,

“Some day a real poet who can write will describe them”


And finally, in the Southeast pavilion, known as the pavilion of the Elements is an amazing ceiling disc. The Sun God Apollo rides through the Cosmic Door.  Surrounded by Earth, Air, Fire, Water and another spectacular ZODIAC!!!

The goddess Iris is the messenger of the Greek gods, and the personification of the rainbow. Like the Kundalini, she is a bridge connecting the human world with the divine. In yoga tradition it is said that union with the divine Self is impossible without the ascent of the Kundalini energy from the sacrum at the base of the spine. This is symbolized by the Rainbow.

Among the duties of the Greek Goddess Iris was that of leading the souls of dead women to the Elysian Fields.

She was frequently represented with golden wings wearing a long flowing tunic with a rainbow above her.

Except for the painting in the upper left, all of the paintings below bear the title “IRIS”


I like to think of the panel below as another image of IRIS, goddess of the Rainbow...symbolic of the Human Light Body.

In Greek mythology Iris was the messenger of the gods (a female counterpart to Hermes), symbolized by the rainbow (she was the personified goddess of the rainbow) which touches both heaven and earth, the connection between gods and mortals.  She is regarded as the messenger of the gods to mankind, and particularly of the goddess Hera (who was the wife and sister of Zeus, Queen of Heaven/ SHEKINA) whose orders she brought to humans.  It is told that she used to sleep under Hera's throne with her winged sandals on, ever ready to bear messages.  In ancient Greece, every time a rainbow appeared, it was believed that a message was being carried from Olympus to a mortal or to a God who was away.  She is often shown gliding down a rainbow to deliver her messages to mortals, who looked on her as a guide and adviser.  Her name also means "rainbow," thus implying that her presence is a sign of Hope.

Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is generally known as the property of certain surfaces which appear to change colour as the angle of view changes. Iridescence is commonly seen in items such as soap bubbles, butterfly wings, and sea shells. Iridescence is an optical phenomenon of surfaces in which hue changes in correspondence with the angle from which a surface is viewed.

Iridescence is caused by multiple reflections from multi-layered, semi-transparent surfaces in which phase shift and interference of the reflections modulates the incident light (by amplifying or attenuating some frequencies more than others).The word iridescence is derived in part from the Greek word iris (pl. irides), meaning "rainbow", which in turn derives from the goddess Iris of Greek mythology, who is the personification of the rainbow and acted as a messenger of the gods. Goniochromism is derived from the Greek words gonia, which means angle, and chroma, which means color. -From Wikipedia

Notice the Butterfly over her head.

The Eye-ris

William Henry and I in the Rainbow Room, Incredible!

Queen Elizabeth I              NON SINE SOLE IRIS----There is no rainbow without the Sun.

She is covered in Eyes, holds a rainbow, and has a Rainbow Serpent climbing up her arm.


The artist Carl Gutherz who painted the Rainbow room in the Library of Congress also did the following pieces of art.

First is of Jesus being born into the world from the view point of Heaven.

Second is the Evening of the Sixth day of Creation with Adam, Eve, and the Creator.