“Here I am! I stand at the DOOR and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the Door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”

- Jesus

What is a Bab/el?

Babel is made of 2 words, Bab and El.

Bab is a Feminine word.

In common are Baby, Babushka, Babble, Booby, Bubble. Soft, round and feminine.

El is Masculine. The ancient Canaanite god was El.

An El is an “L”. 2 lower case “L’s” side by side looks like “ll” This is EL Even or Eleven.

So an El is a Penis.

An El-ephant is an animal with a long penis like trunk.

El-ectricity is a powerful male energy.

The El- ete is the male power structure.

An El- evator rises like a male member.

to El-ope is to run away with a penis.

A Bab El or Babel is the conjoining of male and female Energy in Architecture or Symbols.

Examples are: The Rod and Ring, this is a male female symbol, it is inherently powerful.

The Egyptian Shen Ring

It means Eternity.

Binary code in computers is a series of 1 and 0, on and off,

male and female.

The Washington Obelisk and Capitol Dome is a Babel.

The Vatican Dome and Obelisk.

The Pantheon Dome and Obelisk is the oldest Pagan Temple still in good condition.

A Babel in Architecture does not have to be solely a Dome and Obelisk. Another combination is an Obelisk and Arch. An Arch is like the entrance to a cave or a womb or a door.

Paris Champs Elysees

The Arc de Triumph. a Bab.

The Obelisk from Luxor., an El.

This is a Classic Bab El,

When it is active and turned “ON” it is called a: Bab el on.

BABELON is a Cosmic Doorway, a Stairway to Heaven.

Philadelphia has a classic BAB EL.

City Hall is an El, male.

The Art Museum is the Bab, female.

This is a classic Energy Vortex.